Dual Quanta Quanta that are Chiral Represent this Quantum Theory
Quantum Theory

In an effort to bring the universe together in the most simple, quick and dirty, follow all the rules, and go together like Lego way this is the theory/model I propose. You can just look at the pictures...

A simple model composed of dual quanta quanta.


The six dimensions of the presented universe. Note that the fourth dimension is a relative velocity. From nothing to three dimensions are fairly standard; while, the fourth dimension is a relative velocity that constrains us to a plane: what would be considered time. The fourth dimension (time) once applied makes nothing a hard dimension to observe.

Dual Quanta Quanta

The most simplistic way to achieve all of the dimensions at once is to have two single dimensions collapsing upon each other. Note the chirality (handedness) of the proposed dual quanta quanta (dual dimensions collapsing on each other).

Forces on Spin Same Spin Forces on Spin Opposite Spin

The single dimensions also collapse by a zeroth dimension at the point of interaction (favorable). This results in rotating into each other while there is acceleration around each other (Same Spin). When rotating along each other there is acceleration into each other causing a result of not sticking together (Opposite Spin). Note that it will be shown that the magnetic behaves in an identical manner (at low relative velocities).

Break One Ring for Magnetic Field

Through complex interaction (not shown) one of the rings in the dual quanta quanta breaks. Only one ring breaks as torque is then insufficient to break the other ring.

Set Magnetic Field

The result is the magnetic being held at a space filling potential to charge.

Set Magnetic to Potential

With the bending of what is now the charge field string, magnetic may expand their potential due to these forces.

Charge Quanta

Note the charge ends will have to change handedness wrt magnetic, but the spin remains the same.

Charge and Magnetic Quanta

Bear in mind the amalgamation of the magnetics would be accompanied by the bending of the charge string (not shown). The quanta of the quantum gravity featured in this model can be seen shooting out of the bottom of the above picture. Though, it would probably travel into or out of the page.

Gravity Space Filling Gravity

The above is representative of gravity. On the right is the two dual quanta quanta where the two charge rings are overlapped and the two magnetic 'rings' have collapsed into a zeroth dimension; while, on the left is a representation of the potential of gravity to exhibit a space filling resultant: the grey is space filling for magnetic while the pink is space filling for charge.

Major Problems

Incidence Frequency

If a photon travels from left to right in the above diagram, and quantum gravity travels at the speed of light. Then the incidence rate of gravity on light when is is based on two times the speed of light, and when is equal to zero the incidence rate of gravity with light is based on zero velocity. less than and greater than zero has a value between these two extreems. This is a problem for any theory that holds quantum gravity to a velocity of the speed of light.

The second major problem has to do with the seeming lack of resistance of light passing through light. Charge would also have to be able to hold a potential to charge as one photon passed through another just as the magnetic is kept at a potential to charge.

A copy of the book with detailed information

on the workings of this model is available here: BOOK

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Quantum Theory

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